Publisher: AE Publications, 2018
ISBN:1781453063, 9781781453063
Number of pages: 172

From Dawn to Dusk:
Mastering the Light in Landscape Photography

Ross Hoddinott & Mark Bauer

A practical, hands-on guide to mastering the techniques required to take better, more creative, landscape photographs, From Dawn to Dusk is a photography guide like no other. The book has a unique structure that leads the reader on an hour-by-hour, picture-by-picture journey from dawn to dusk, and then on into the night. Each chapter focuses on the benefits and challenges of shooting in the available light at a particular time of the day.

With regular ‘technique’ panels to help readers hone their camera skills, each chapter concludes with an awe-inspiring double-page image that demonstrates the results that are possible, accompanied by an extended caption and a personal anecdote from the photographer.