Bay Window

My latest images come from a typical trek along the Purbeck coastline, when I took in Durdle Door, Dancing Ledge, Chapman’s Pool and Kimmeridge Bay. Although the winter sun can have a higher contrast than in summer, from early December to late February the dawn sun is lower in the sky and more diffused thus providing a softer light. More often than not there will be some cloud formations that can catch the sunrise, providing colour and texture to a landscape shot.

I particularly look forward to my visits to Kimmeridge Bay which are always rewarding. The bay can capture a stillness even when there are storms out on the horizon and the exposed, angled shale beds make great lines of perspective or for framing banks of colour. I took some shots with the Fujifilm GFX 50R that I was test-driving. This lightweight camera based on the original medium format film cameras boasts a magnificent 51.4 megapixel resolution and, whilst its autofocus is somewhat ponderous, you only have to take a look at its raw files to instantly forget any weaknesses.